Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Childhood friends for more than 15 years long, always sticking together wherever they go. They aren't lesbians, but they are the best friends, and they trust each other more than anyone else.
They entered the same kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, and colleges even though one of them doesn't like the subject, they just wanna be together and spend their quality time together.

Sarah is a intelligent girl, with a beauty smile on her face and kind hearted. She is good in managing time and accounts, which makes her the best student in accounting course.
Stephanie is artistic, creative and daring. She loves mystery stuffs like magic and spirits. Her imagination is just too powerful and her plans are very detailed, every single precaution is taken, and never once failed.
With the combination of them both, they can run a big event without any others help. Everyone was after them. But they enjoyed to be together instead of letting others into their life.
Everyday seems so fine, until when Sarah took up violin classes.

Her tutor for violin lesson, was tall and handsome guy. Sarah's heart kept pumping fast when she saw this Mr. nice guy walking towards her. Every time she pulled at the wrong tune, Eric will hold her hand and plays it right, and she starts to feel difficult to breath.
Eric finally asked Sarah out for a date. She was so excited about it, and decided to bring Stephanie along and introduce him to her. And 3 of them had a memorable day together.

Months later, Eric and Sarah officially announce their relationships. Everyone congratulated both of them, and Stephanie hugged her so tight with a happy smile on her face. But deep inside, she was damn jealous, damn angry for them to be together. Stephanie had did lots of things behind Sarah to get Eric's heart.
She flirts with him on the phone all the time, dated him out for a movie and more. But she lost to Sarah even thought she did nothing but violin lessons only? She feels unfair. Evil thoughts went through her head, trying to destroy their relationship in all ways.

But the evil plans just doesn't work at all. A prank date, fake accidents, and so much more, it just made their relationship became closer and closer. Finally, Stephanie came up with her last and worst idea - curses. She summoned the strongest spirits and put it into the necklace she bought.
The necklace was tribal cross design, with a skull right in the middle of it. It is a very cool looking necklace and Eric will definitely love it.
So she present it to Eric on the 2nd day in college. Eric was so happy and he gave her a hug.
That night, after Eric locked the door of the musical room, he walked to get his car right outside the college while smsing with Sarah. It was totally normal and nothing strange happen, just that the weather is much more cooler than usual. Soon enough, he felt uneasy and weird. He looked around, and he noticed he's still outside the musical room. As he continued to talk, the surroundings just repeated and the distance is endless.
He felt scared and started to run and scream. Nobody heard him at all. And he fell down as if someone pulls his leg.
He then felt pain in the heart, and feeling hard to breath. Grabbing his neck hunger for oxygen, trying to speak out loud but there isn't any sound coming out from his throat. With the efficient oxygen, he fell down hard and knocked his head on a huge rock, and instantly died.
The next day, his body was found beside his car, lying down there smartly. Policemen are clueless how he died.
Friendship will not affect a relationship, but also, don't let relationship affect friendship.
Jealousy kills.