Sunday, February 28, 2010

Musical Charity Concert

Musical Charity Concert

Since the fiscal year 2006/2007, the project was successfully organized by Leo Foo Wai Leng.

As a PJI-ians, I would like to thanks our beloved 2nd Vice President / Incoming President, Leo Fion Tey Pei Yin for reviving it!

This concert is a total SUCCESS! Love you FION!! =D

Bout the performances, dono how to say.. too AWESOME!!

PJI-ians! wonderful performances! OMG I almost cried ya know! Very touching and meaning stories!

a total raised of approx. RM7000, I was totally shocked by the fund raise! Thanks for supporting, everyone!

->leo PJI's Facebook
->photos for MCC link 1,
link 2, link 3, link 4
->Videos link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6, link 7, link 8, link 9, link 10, link 11, link 12, link 13, link 14, link 15, link 16, link 17
->PJI blogspot

Friday, February 26, 2010


uhh!! so dam tired + pissed!

why tired?

thursday is holiday, but i didn't take a nap at all, so i'm awake start from 9am..
went to cell group and also dinner with cg members from bout 7pm~11pm..
after that, me, my roommate and my friend helped 1 of friend to move house, till 2am! woot!
then we go makan makan @.@ till 3am something..
we then stayed at my place playing computer game till 6.30am LOLcontinued, I stay awake till 11am and sit LRT back to my house~reached here and until now, langsung tak sleep! OMG!
40 hours did not sleep! OMG!!!!!!!!!!

why pissed?

'fed up with people that are rude... Is that will cost you a price to be polite???'
This is a post from someone in my fb friendlist, and UH!! I KNOW YOU'RE MENTIONING BOUT ME KAY! I'M SMARTER THAN YOU THINK DOINK!!
I smsed you ASKING you to return my pendrive CAUSE you've kept it for almost 1 month, also, you used my phone for 2 months, I DIDN'T CHARGE YOU! You tak nak beli tak pe, but do you even feel PAI SEH borrow stuffs that ppl wanna sell? and say I rude?Chinese has a very good sentence, WANNA SAY BAD THINGS BOUT PPL, SAY BOUT YOURSELF FIRST!
you dont know who hated you, but I know, and it is not a small amount..
I dont see improvements from you even you've said it before..
'rude people do not appreciate nice people around him'owh? NOW I SEE! your friend is actually talking bout me, that you dont appreciate me at all! why I say this ah? BALIK RUMAH THINK YOURSELF~ Wont cost you a price at all 1..3 years after suffering from my past, I never treat a person BADLY unless you treat me BADLY, so WHATEVER I'M TREATING YOU NOW, IS HOW YOU TREATED US! REMEMBER THAT~!

Midnight owl~

went to cell group yesterday till around 11pm, and went to GK help my dear lil friend move house xD
we moved till bout 2am in the morning @.@
wheeee~ she treat me and my roommate DINNER LOL!
yum cha yum cha until almost 3 something~
pergi beli susu!
long time nooo drink liaooooooo~

then we stay at our house main computer game till 6.30am @.@
walao so tired~
acutally princess not feeling well, I was worried de~
tak boleh tidur cause seems like she is suffering..
but anyhow, she's fine now =D

so.... NITE NITE!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bored holiday!

New sem time table rocks!
well that's when I first saw it..
now I kinda bored of it.. every thursday is holiday, but HOU SIEN AHH!!!!
sold my game account, nothing to do, all my manga repeated read dono how many times liao, can almost hafal the whole story line -.-

have my lunch around 1.30pm together with my housemate..
then we both go to feeling cafe play snooker! cause we both are so dead sien..
played 2 rounds, and it was sooooo much fun.. roughly 1 hour inside xD
back home le sien again.. hahahhahaha~

smsed princess, and she's not feeling well~ =(
cham lor, I start to worry leh~ kenapa mou din din sick de?! ><
I pray for you to recover after your beauty sleep =]
<3 *hugs* <3

this week, 3 person moving in into metroview~ that means, 3 metro friends!
whee~~ got company to have dinner together liao =DDD
well dono what else to say xD

back to doing maths 3!! whee~~~

Another personality test~

The analysis: You are probably a clever and adventurous person. You love to learn new things, and enjoy socializing with friends. Although you enjoy your freedom, you cherish peacefulness and like to spend time alone with your thoughts.

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Believe that you can make things better by rearranging their life
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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You are always looking for adventure

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Money money money~

I've played soooo many online games and I always sells off my account xD
This time too! 中華英雄, HERO online in english..
Sold up full set items RM100~ wheeee~!
so in luck, dealer stays in wangsa maju! WUHUU!!
right now I still have 2 accounts to sell, that makes me another RM200+ if successful!
I nak wang wang wang $$$ so dam poor -.-

seems like today is totally bout money issue $.$
friend wanted to rent a room, needed RM300 as deposit and she doesn't have that much in bank..
another 2 friends wanted to rent room too, and all the rooms doesn't suit them, also out of their budget..
tomorrow need pay college fee, money again $$$$~

still up this late cause of designing some stuffs.. hopefully that someone will like it when I give out..
it takes a lot of afford!! alot of time too~ hahaha

smsed with princess today.. she asked me, 'what kind of ghost will scare you away?'
and all I can imagine is cute lil princess ghost instead of scary princess xDxD
psps, I can't stop laughing bout xD
she guaranteed that i'll be scared @.@
'I'll hug you if you come from behind trying to scare me xD'
'ghost tak boleh kena pok mong 1!'
'I think I kena pok mong got lor, all gal there, later 1 hug me dun let go how owh?'
so what are ya gonna reply, lil princess? xD

gotta sleep now already, tomorrow 8am class again -.-

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New CITC building

as mentioned, NEW CITC BUILDING!!!

so dam big
so dam cold
so dam nice
new computers - no more laggy facebook! wheeee!
2 times more computer than the old building
and banyak leng lui staff (mentioned by SOMEONE) -.-
si hamsap lou..

first class tamadun islam again zzzzzzzzzzzz
well divided into a group of 4, and we have our presentations to do, at least 2000 words! WOOT!
LUCKY i'm not the first group, thanks to someone who submit last minute! xD
those 1st and 2nd group, jia you lor, 2000 words within next week HAHAHHA

still sad from what happened yesterday through.. tried not to think, but still feels it.. keeping up a smile is rather hard.. the moment I see her, I really felt guilty..
What can I do? How am I suppose to help her? She's so depressed the whole day..

so bored inside CITC.. hates the long 3 hours break time for another class.. well life is back like sem 1 and 2, slacking around nothing to do~
oh look! its time for class! wheee~~

Monday, February 22, 2010


Yet another day..
Woke up late on the first day hahahaha~
well who cares.. today ppl all 'bai tian gong' lar, come or no come also same nia xD

1st class 8am, guess what, TAMADUN ISLAM! -.-
after lecturer, TUTORIAL! OMG 3 hours 30 minutes of tamadun islam...
I started to disturb a friend of mine in class by sms~
she just keep laughing bout my msgs and complained bout the teacher in front talking 'alien languages' LOL

3 hours passed extremely fast because me, her and my roommate are chatting the whole time xD
and we planned to go for karaoke in sungai wang~ WHEEE~~~~~ =D
BUT somehow my driver DONO THE ROAD OMGGGGGGGG we turn here turn there, thanks to my roommate we managed to find it XD good job! hahah!
welllll, turn here turn there, we finally decided to just sing in red box @ low yat..

when we're singing K, she, told me something.. I wasnt shock, or even happy, but i'm sad and become emo...
she told me that when end of january, she asked me out to have a DRINK with her, yes i mean drinking alcohols, I declined as exams are extremely near and I havent prepare at all..
well then the story begins~

she went to drink with 2 guy and 1 gal.. due to her family problems, she was sooo sad and depressed, she got drunked cause of overloaded alcohol..
1 of the guy, had a crush on her for a loooooooong time d.. he, actually raped her...
I was so sad when I heard this.. Because if I was there, things like this wouldn't had happened..
She had a bf she has no feelings on at all, and now this guy came out, is really driving her crazy..
I started to think.. Is this the work of an devil inside a person? Or was it unlucky of her?
Surely no matter how much a person had a crush on another person, they wouldn't do things like that..
A devil's work indeed.. Devils can't be controlled..

I actually cried because of this.. Why la why Mr Henry? Why didn't you accompany her? This thing can actually be stopped.. Why did you rejected her offer? You always wanted to go for clubbing isn't it? DUMP ASS
Sigh... the more I think, the more sad I gets.. At times, things like this always happened, depressed is all we can do.. Regrets too..
Every single sentences I wrote, my tear falls, because I felt that I'm to be blamed because I could've stopped it from happening.. You're my friend you know, gal? so I care bout you..
Do get some sleep today, I know it has been a bad month for you.. But I'm willing to be there for you if you need someone to talk to..

me and my roommate reach back home at about 6.30, and we help our friends to search for rooms, as their contract ends this week..
we then have dinner together too~
back again at home, wash clothes, and started to blog..
I had no idea what i'm writing and what i've wrote, cause really tak de mood to perfect it.. pai seh..

I'm sorry..

Personality test~

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

First time blogging

Wheeee~~ yeah FIRST time blogging =D somehow excited xD
but then this month is nothing to be excited bout..

back during CNY, when I'm at my hometown Johor, i can't feel the atmosphere of it at all.. Although everyone around the neighbourhood of my grandma lights up fireworks like nobody business at all mannnnn...

recieving angpaos, eating together, lao sang~ everything is just very normal..
and i was sooooo ANGRY that my uncle is SOOOOO uh... selfish, and bla bla bla..
he throws my cubic collections and 1 is spoilt T_T dam him!
he complain alot, DRINK DRANK DRUNK is what he do best, SMOKES too! grrrrr~

on feb 16th i overnighted at my uncle's house, which is in a small little kampung..
the cold weather without a fan, refreshing air, I couldn't sleep at all..
So I ended up doing my Maths 3 till late 2am xD

and yeahhhhhhh~ my Maths 3 chapter 1 is almost complete! =D
my grandma gave me RM100 angpao for my birthday~ wheeeee~
my best present I recieved, is a wish from a special someone ><>< left ="(" up ="P" 3 =" 2" it ="]">( It is still not the end of the world even if his final answer is to leave your world.. Dont waste your tears on him too, as he dont trust the real you in front his eyes.. He is 'polluted' by the words of others.. Surely it is hurtful, but get over with it =3 you know what i've been through too, you know its 10 times worse than you can even imagine.. So yeah, cheer up, I've already stood up arent I? It is a learning process, towards maturity.. One day you'll know what I mean, that all your past is just a joke, and what you really want, is hard to find..

tomorrow is the day where college starts! wheee~~! cant wait xD
miss my friends, miss college, miss moment of studying~

maybe it's to early, but.... good nite my blog! xD nite everyone that reads this~ and nite princess ><